Food near me Columbia SC

When you’re searching for delicious food near me in Columbia, SC, consider dropping by Tiffany’s Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place. Everyone in your family or group will find Tiffany’s to be to their liking. Our freshly prepared dishes are made from real ingredients, ensuring you enjoy a better class of food when you want to eat out. Visit our establishment for breakfast or lunch and leave thoroughly satisfied. Don’t forget to take home something special from our in-house bakery: specialty cakes, freshly made pies, cookies, pastries, and breads are all available to go.

5 Reasons Why Our Guests Love Our Food- And Why You Will Too!

1. Tiffany’s has a reputation among top-rated bars and pubs in Columbia- without the bar atmosphere. Check our reviews online and you’ll see what our customers are saying about the quality of food served at Tiffany’s as well as our friendly staff and our focus on providing a memorable dining experience. If you’re interested in enjoying the best bar food in Columbia, SC but are looking for a more wholesome place to bring your family, stop in the next time you want a late lunch or early dinner.

2. Other restaurants and bars in Columbia serve the same dishes- here at Tiffany’s, our menu is unique. We hand make real American food from real ingredients that make all the difference in taste and nutrition. If you crave a meal that will leave you totally satisfied, we have just what you’re looking for.

3. Are you tired of trying to read a restaurant menu when the options aren’t familiar? Don’t settle for hot wings in one of the sports bars in Columbia, SC- Tiffany’s serves up American dishes, like honest-to-goodness scratch-made burgers with your favorite toppings, hot pressed specialty sandwiches, like Italian Cheese Steak on Ciabatta Bread, Reubens & Clubs with hand-cut fries on the side, fresh salads loaded with greens & veggies, homemade quiche pies, and much more.

4. Tiffany’s has earned a name throughout the community for serving the best breakfast and the best lunch in Columbia, South Carolina. We believe the best food must start with high-quality ingredients sourced and selected carefully- you’ll notice the difference from the first bite. Other dining establishments are content to serve food that looks good on the plate- we’re not satisfied to stop there. Tiffany’s dishes look delicious and taste delectable. We are home to the best food near me in Columbia, SC.

5. The fact that Columbia is home to so many fast food places tells us one thing about our world today- most people have a busy schedule that rarely makes room for a sit-down meal. You don’t have to settle for instant breakfasts and lunches; call ahead and order over the phone or on Tiffany’s website and your meal will be hot and ready when you sit down. There’s always time for a real meal when you choose Tiffany’s.

Pick up a sweet ending to your meal at Tiffany’s in-house bakery where you’ll find freshly made desserts everyone will love. Enjoy our homemade cookies & brownies, flaky pies, specialty cakes, and hot out-of-the-oven pastries.

Food near me Columbia SC

Tiffany's Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place

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Food near me Columbia SC

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