Glass Beverage Bottles

Glass Beverage Bottles

We have several exclusive glass bottles in the market. Thanks to the variety of shapes and the quality of the glass used in these bottles, they allow us to present a striking, exclusive, and elegant product, necessary characteristics for the liquor and non-alcoholic beverages line. These wholesale drink containers are also used to decorate special events and card making since their characteristics can transmit the elegance and exclusivity necessary for these events.

Feldman Industries has a varied line of custom beverage bottles for the following sectors:

Pharmaceutical: transparent and amber-colored bottles in different sizes.

Cosmetic: transparent and matte bottles with lids in different sizes, shapes, and capacities.

Perfumery: great variety of designs, presentations, and sizes. From 3.5 cc perfume bottles to 30 cc bottles.

Food: jars with lids in different and attractive shapes allow you to see the food contained in them. Ideal for preserves and others.

One of the advantages of glass bottles over plastic juice bottles is the better preservation of the product’s aroma, especially in prolonged storage, since glass is impermeable to gases, vapors, and liquids. On the other hand, it is chemically inert to liquids and food products and does not pose compatibility problems. Another characteristic is that it is a hygienic material that is easy to clean and sterilize and odorless; it does not transmit tastes or modify them; it is the guarantee of maintaining the organoleptic properties and taste of the food. It can be colored and thus provide protection against ultraviolet rays that could damage the contents; if desired transparent, it allows visual control of the product.

At Feldman Industries, we have several types of glass containers that serve different needs.

These are the options you can choose from when you buy glass containers from us:

Straight Sided Jars

These jars are popular for products that rely heavily on packaging labeling because the smooth, straight sides make it easy to apply any label. The jars come in various volumes to suit different needs.

Packer Bottles

The large opening is perfect for packaging pills and the like in the pharmaceutical industry, but of course, it can also be used in other industries.

Paragon Jars

This type of jar perfectly combines large storage capacities with a sophisticated appearance. They are very popular in the food industry.


Our one-gallon jugs are perfect for various applications but are often used in the chemical industry and for bulk liquor packaging.

Glass Woozy Bottles

The perfect choice for sauces and dressings. This bottle has a universally recognizable shape and a spout perfect for serving small quantities.

Boston Rounds

The most widely used model in the pharmaceutical industry due to its durability.

Beverage Bottles

Perfect for serving juices and ready-to-drink beverages of different sizes.

Beer Bottles

Glass bottle made of white glass, ideal for preserving the properties of your favorite beverage. Contact us to discuss the best packaging solutions for your business or ask your questions about our wholesale beverage bottles through our website

Glass Beverage Bottles

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Glass Beverage Bottles

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