Italian food Westlake Village ca

Italian food Westlake Village ca

Italian cuisine is one of the most international. Its rich and varied preparations, based on pasta, rice, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, breads…, are known, imitated and enjoyed all over the world.

A fundamental part of the healthy Mediterranean diet, Italian cuisine has been nourished throughout its history by the influence of other cultures, such as the Greek or others from Africa and Asia.

As a sample, we are going to select 10 representative dishes of Italian gastronomy that we offer at Boccaccio’s and that all our customers love to try.

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Typical Italian dishes you’ll try at Boccaccio’s

When it comes to westlake Village restaurants, Boccaccio’s has a wide range of Italian dishes that you will enjoy to the fullest. These dishes are:


The classic risotto is prepared with rice and Parmesan cheese. It is a food originating from northwestern Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy and Verona). The first known recipe dates back to the end of the 19th century. Nowadays there are many variants that admit a wide variety of ingredients, such as spinach, zucchini, seafood, asparagus, boletus, pumpkin, etc.

Minestrone Soup

This popular vegetable soup contains pasta (usually a type of short pasta) and, in certain recipes, ham, chicken or pieces of meat. It is made with seasonal vegetables: carrots, onions, beans, celery, tomatoes… and comes in different regional varieties. It is served with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top.


Carbonara pasta comes from the Lazio region. It is made with eggs, bacon or guanciale, cheese and black pepper. That’s right, in Italy they don’t use cream. The main virtue of spaghetti carbonara (the most widespread way of preparing this pasta) is the extraordinary combination of sweet/salty taste.

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Capresse Salad

A delicious salad made with basic ingredients: tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and olive oil. Its greatness lies in its simplicity, a perfect combination of ingredients and colors, brimming with freshness.


It is part of the traditional food of Northern Italy. A very tasty dish, made with thin slices of raw meat or fish (e.g. veal, salmon or cod), marinated in lemon juice and olive oil. It can also be garnished with Parmesan cheese, capers and mustard seeds.

Vitello tonnato

Another exquisite Italian recipe consisting of veal cut in very thin slices and accompanied by a sauce made with beaten egg, tuna and cream. It is served cold. It comes from the Piedmont region and is typical, especially as a starter. Its great secret: the harmonious combination of two contrasting flavors such as veal and tuna. Serve with gherkins or capers.

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Italian food Westlake Village ca

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