Plastic Wine Barrel

Wine snobs and oenophiles may argue until they’re blue in the face about their preference for wine aged in wooden barrels. The truth of the matter is, some very nice wines can be made in a plastic wine barrel. Don’t believe it? See our sweet assortment of wine making equipment and supplies. Make you own and let us know what you think.

Cutting down your wine production costs is possible when you consider options like the plastic wine barrel. Stainless steel and wooden tanks are among the most traditional materials used in wine storage and fermentation, but you can also find plastic barrels and tanks that can are safe and efficient – not to mention more affordable. Best of all, a plastic wine barrel won’t compromise your wine’s quality and taste.

When shopping for plastic wine barrels and tanks, you need to make sure that they are made with food-grade plastic. The US FDA (food and drug administration) requires that all plastics for are free of recycled materials and dyes, which are potentially harmful to human health. For plastic wine barrels, polyethylene plastic is more often used. It is expensive yet very resilient and chemically resistant.

The plastic wine barrel is space-saving, easy-to-clean, and lightweight. Overall, these barrels are safe for wine production, storage, and fermentation, and they come in different sizes and various designs to suit your needs and personal taste. If you want to learn more, check out the options here at Tanks For Wine. This website specializes in selling high-quality Flextank maturation and fermentation wine tanks. We also offer competitively-priced steel wine tanks for your business. You can contact us at 916-730-5485 if you need further assistance for your wine production business, or you can leave your contact details in this website. Tanks For Wine also offers supplies for wine transportation, racking, and short-term storage.

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